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Instituteprogramme: International Business and Management Studies

Interviewee name: Carolin Faudt

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Carolin Faudt give us an Interview and told us about her International Business and Management Studies at the HZ University of Applied Sciences.

After my graduation from secondary school in Germany last year, I decided to study not just economics and not like everyone else in German but I wanted to study it under international aspects and in an international environment. I always wanted to go abroad after graduation but not too far for the 4 years. The Netherlands seemed to be a good compromise because I still have the opportunity to go back home during vacations easily. I started looking for schools that offer economics courses in English on the internet. The HZ and Vlissingen were then my first choice because of its relatively small size and, of course, the location on the coast.
Now I am in my second year in the IBMS program at the HZ University of Applied Sciences in Vlissingen and I can say it was a really good decision to come here and to do this four year bachelor study/program.

During the first year the courses cover different directions of economics and business/management. Marketing and Sales are as well as Financial Management part of the timetable. I liked the mixture of the courses as well as the small sized classes. The small classes made it easier to build up relationships with both other students and teachers. The lectures involve a lot of group works and case studies.
In the second year now we are even more practical because we manage in groups of around ten students (with some help of professionals and teachers) our own companies.
I think that theoretical classes could never make up for such experiences.
Also part of the program is the possibility of a semester abroad and the internship in the 3rd year. The school has partner institutes all over the world and assists with going abroad for a semester or the internship.

This kind of assistance is just one example of all the help the school offers during the studies. And in general I have experienced a great openness and helpful people throughout my stay here in the Netherlands. Although I have a course “Dutch for Beginners” in school I am not speaking the language fluently yet. But most people here understand and speak English and quiet often German as well.
Vlissingen is a student town as well as a tourist place. During the summer months it is not unusual to hear more people speak German in the shopping street than Dutch.

I have met people from so many different places while I studied and lived in Vlissingen. The IBMS classes are consisting of many nationalities, which makes it so much more interesting.

When I completed my studies I want to work in an international environment and I think that the HZ and the IBMS program with their internationality are preparing their students well for the business world of today.
I would recommend the HZ to everyone who likes to study in such an environment and prefers a mix of theoretical and practical work over pure theory classes from textbooks.

Wir bedanken uns bei Carolin Faudt!

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