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Instituteprogramme: International Business and Management Studies

Interviewee name: Christin Tix

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This time Christin Tix shares her experiences of her studies in the Netherlands.

After I finished my vocational training in Germany I had the chance to come to the HZ University of Applied Sciences in Vlissingen to do my Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business and Management Studies in two years total. This is, of course, a great opportunity that HZ offers students who have already completed some training. I decided for this program for two reasons: first, because I had the opportunity to start right after I was done with my education in Germany and second, because it offers me a higher degree in a shorter time than would have been possible in my country.

I started in the fourth year which might seem a little confusing and to be honest I was not quite sure if I would be able to keep up with the program. However, the small classes of only about 20 to 25 students and the teachers, who are always available in case you have a problem, really helped me. Another great help was the study coach who I could talk to whenever there was something unclear or I needed some advice. Due to my previous training to become a foreign language correspondent I didn’t have any problems with the classes being taught in English. And, at the end of the semester when the results came back I was very happy with them and looking back there was no need to be worried.

Not only is HZ a wonderful place, Vlissingen is a really nice place as well. Especially in the summer the beach is just a five minute bike ride away and it offers you lots of great opportunities for your spare time. So does the location of Vlissingen within Europe. Many big cities such as Paris or London are just a few hours away and you can easily manage to go there for a quick visit.
Finding accommodation was no problem at all because HZ website offers you a link where you can book your room online. After coming here I was thinking of moving into a house in the city center but then I started to like living in the student accommodation because of the contact with all the other international students through parties and common excursions.
I am currently in the second year program which is different from the fourth year, especially because we have to start up and run our own student company with nine other students. Although this takes up a lot of time during the week and sometimes even during the weekends, I see it as a great opportunity the school gives us to develop some entrepreneurial skills and to put our knowledge from the courses into practical use.

Even now that I am following the study program of the second year I still have a lot of contact with students from abroad and I can truly say that I’ve made friends with people from many different countries all over the world.

We thank Christin Tix for sharing her experiences.

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